Coil Line Systems

Coil Handling Equipment

Amada Press System’s line of coil feeders, coil straighteners and uncoiler machines exceed industry standard quality standards, while providing the smallest footprint coil line systems on the market. Amada Press System’s coil processing equipment is ideal for a variety of industry sectors, including Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers, aerospace, marine and more. 

Amada Press System also offers a full line of large-scale coil handling systems specifically designed to manufacture large, integrated high-tensile steel plates used by the automotive industry. Our large-scale coil processing machines are built to withstand harsh conditions and heavy use.
  • Analog Loop Control – a new technology designed to synchronize uncoiling systems with line speed, enabling continuous rotation at a constant rate during automated operations. The analog loop control protects coiled strips, prevents loosening during operation and increases part life. 
  • Compatible with high-tensile steel plates increasingly used by automotive suppliers to increase efficiency and decrease waste. The steel plates resist deformation through tension and compression.
  • ISO9001 certified, Amada Press System adheres to a strict inspection schedule during both the procurement phase and assembly. Our quality control philosophy allows us to break down traditional silos in our organization and assign cross-departmental teams to constantly evolve and improve our quality control process.
  • Amada Press System is committed to the environment. Our Eco Release designs can achieve energy savings of up to 50 percent. Amada Press System regularly supports the development of environmentally friendly products that exceed the requirements for MF Eco Machines, the industry-standard certification system of the Japan Forming Machinery Association. Our technicians also retrofit old machines with updated components to increase efficiency.
  • Flexibility. As a full-service manufacturer of stamping presses and coil handling systems, Amada Press System strives to offer a one-stop solution for products, technology and service. Special requests from our customers are handled through our experienced sales and technical service professionals. Our sales staff and technicians collaborate to find the solutions best suited for each customers’ unique needs, then communicate those solutions directly to the customer.