Robot Line Systems

Press Transfer System

Amada Press System’s line of press-to-press transfer systems quickly and accurately feed work pieces across the stamping line. Our press transfer robots include a variety of options and variations allowing customization of our products to best fit our customers’ needs. 

  1. RHN Servo technology enables top-in-class feeding speed while maintaining accuracy and stability through a two-axis AC servo motor. 
  2. Press transfer robots easily integrated with Amada Press System’s suite of peripheral components to create flexible and efficient production lines, in a variety of layouts including U-shaped and L-shaped configurations. 
  3. Amada Press System is committed to the environment. The RYN 2-Axis servo press automation transfer robot is certified as a MF Eco Machine by the Japan Forming Machine Association. The RYN120S1S press transfer robot consumes 18 percent less energy than the previous model.