Coil Straightener Feeder

LCC 92HT Coil Straightener-Feeders

The LCC 92HT is an NC straightener-feeder offering a suite of features designed to fit every manufacturer. The LCC 92HT accommodates a limited stock size of 250 mm (9”) or less to dramatically reduce costs. The result is a straighter-feeder that offers unprecedented cost performance.

    • 1. Controllers

      Our original TP-CSS control systems offer complete operating systems designed to optimize production efficiency, planning and maintenance.

    • 2. Large straightening roll adjustment wheels

      The LCC 92HT includes a large handwheel for straightening roll adjustment, featuring easy-to-read indicators for improved repeatability and easy numerical setting.

    • 3. Space-saving design

      The LCC 92 HT design requires approximately 15% less installation space, compared to previous models. By downsizing, the machine provides a safer and more efficient work environment.

    • 4. Includes high output AC servo motor

      A 4.4 kW AC servo unit is the heart of the LCC 92HT coil straightener-feeder, offering output rates typically seen only in larger models.

  • Stock Thicknessinch 0.047~0.236
    Stock Widthinch 2~9
    MAX.Coil Masslb 5,512
    MAX.Coil O.D.inch 55
    Coil I.D.inch 20
    Feed Lengthinch ~19※
    MAX.Line Speedft/min 72
    Work Roll Number upper3/lower2
    Main MotorkW AC4.4
    Mandrel Expansion pneumatic
    Reel MotorkW 2.2
    PowerV 200/220
    Operating AirPSI 71

    ※In case Feeding Length exceeding Specification, MASTER CONTROL Function (Option) must be provided.

  •  Stock Thickness(inch)
    Stock Width(inch) 9 7

    ※The above figures are for the material having a yield strength of 35500PSI.