Press Feeders

FRC Series
Press Feeder

The FRC Series sheet feeder features an efficient design made to integrate with compact presses. This press feeder is specifically engineered to meet the growing need for multi-product, variable-quantity production.

    • 1. Compact stock transferring

      Stock is directly transferred to the feeder after being removed via vacuum from the stacker. A newly designed handling mechanism eliminates the extruding table and reverse cylinder. This enables dramatic downsizing and reduced machine costs, while improving the working environment around the press through improved safety and efficiency.

    • 2. Compact control panel with touch panel

      Includes a compact LCD touch panel display featuring a variety of monitor functions and simple configuration.

    • 3. Reliable NC roll feeder

      The feeding unit uses Amada Press System’s trusted AFH NC Roll Feeder. The unit supports a wide range of stock, with widths from 200 mm (7″) to 500 mm (19″) and thicknesses up to 3.2 mm (0.126″). The total height has been reduced to support compact presses and enable the machine to be brought as close as possible to the die.

    • 4. Data memory function

      The newly designed control system can store up to 50 sets of product data, including feed length and feed count, making this product ideal when changing stock trays

  • ModelFRC02FRC03FRC05
    Stock ThicknessInch 0.020~0.126
    Stock WidthInch 2~7 2~11 2~19
    Stock LengthInch 35~51
    Height of stackInch ~11 7
    Transfer system- Auto
    Feed Roll Pressurize- Air Cylinder + Spring
    Roll Lift Mechanism- Air Cylinder
    Motor PowerkW AC Servo Motor 0.4
    Power SupplyV 200/220 50/60Hz
    Operating AirMpa(PSI) 0.49 (71)