Amada Press System: Industries We Serve

Automobiles: AMADA services all tiers of the global automotive supply chain. Our stamping presses are used to manufacture parts ranging from drivetrain components to seat rails.

Construction: Our presses are used in the construction of a variety of buildings and other structures, including high-rises, towers, apartment complexes, schools, factories, warehouses and bridges. 

Cutlery: AMADA presses help cutlery manufacturers produce high-quality and ergonomic products. 

Electronics: AMADA specializes in precision stamping presses required to produce high-tolerance and durable metal components found in computers, cell phones and other electronic devices. The flexibility of AMADA stamping presses make our machines an ideal fit to service the constantly evolving electronics market. 

Office Supplies: Manufacturers rely on AMADA stamping presses to produce office supplies ranging from paper clips to mechanical pencils and more.