AFK Series Roll Feeder

Featuring our original, all-new G-Type CCS controller, the AFK roll feeder is designed for handling small width coils. Outfitted with a solid aluminum body, this machine yields superior rigidity to the finished product. The AFK series roll feeder also features easy installation with two T-bolts on the bolster.

    • 1. Performance

      The updated AFK series features productivity of 200 operations per second, compared to 150 operations per second from the previous model. The number of functions after the roll lift have also been increased. An integrated aluminum structure ensures superior rigidity in the AFK series roll feeder. The machine can be easily attached to a bolster with two T-Bolts and the opening width is adjustable via dial selection.

    • 2. Designed with safety in mind

      The motor features a brake to prevent coiled strips from falling out after the power supply is turned off. The AFK series is also designed to reduce vibrations, protecting both the machine and control panel from excess wear and tear.

    • 3. G type CCS control

      The AFA080 uses the proven G type CCS control, designed to integrate with a host of other devices including the reel stand, straightener and cutting to provide precision control.

  • ModelAFK02AFK03
    Stock ThicknessInch 0.004~0.090
    Stock WidthInch 0.8~7 0.8~11
    Stock Thickness×Stock WidthInch 0.090×7 0.090×11
    Feed LengthInch MAX. 393
    Roll Liftspm max. 200
    RepeatabilityInch Within ±0.008
    Pass LineInch 2.7 to 6.6 Above the Bolster
    Motor PowerkW AC 0.4
    Motor Powerv 200/220
    Feed Roll Pressurize Air Cylinder + Spring
    Roll Lift Mechanism Air Cylinder
    Entry Stock Side Guide Manual Fixed Width Guide
    Standard Equipments End of Stock Detector

    NOTE: 1. The stock thickness x stock width is for cases where the loop length is 3720 mm and the loop height is 950 mm.

    NOTE: 2. Cannot be used for up loops.

    ※Specifications are subject change improvement without notice.