Digital AC 2-points Servo Press

Newly Released 3rd Generation Direct Drive Servo Press Machine Series i3 with 2-points

Amada Press System’s new third generation line of servo stamping presses feature the i3 control system, offering unparalleled control and operability through twelve possible motion paths*, simplified programing and an improved user interface, making the i3 a perfect fit for the digital factory floor of today. The servo-guided stamping press machines come standard with automatic slide adjustment, allowing the operator to adjust the die height according to previously programmed settings, reducing setup time and minimizing errors. User Interface: The i3 control system includes three basic operation screens, each of which are calibrated to present information easily and efficiently. The i3 system comes standard with an advanced load/torque monitoring system, providing greater levels of detail than the standard tonnage monitor. * The lower four types of pulse 1, 2, and pulse 1, 2 pendulum are optional.

For more information about the SDEW Series, please view the brochure linked below.

    • 1. Twelve kinds of motions

      By selecting the most optimal motion path according to the product, it is possible to improve formability, accuracy, and reduce cost.

    • 2. Simple Selectable Motion Programming (SSMP)

      The new standard process sample programming, along with motion sample programming and motion editing, makes the i3 control significantly more simple and easy to program, even for less experienced users.

    • 3. Improved operability of the screen

      Three types of basic operation mode screens are provided for ease of use. Verifying the necessary information in each operation mode can be done quickly and easily.

    • 4. Built-in color graph load/torque monitor as standard equipment

      Each i3 control is equipped with the enhanced load/torque monitoring system, which is more advanced than your normal tonnage monitor.

    • 5. Automatic slide adjustment as standard equipment

      The automatic slide adjustment functions allows the operator to adjust the die height according to a previously programmed job memory setting. This reduces setup time and eliminates the chance of inputting the wrong setting.

  • Model SDEW-2025 SDEW-3025
    Frame type** SF SF
    CapacityShort ton 220 330
    Tonnage rating point above BDC 0.216 0.196
    Side opening* 28.34x15.74 28.34x17.71
    Continuous no-load stroke rate (max. stroke length) ~ 50 ~ 45
    Stroke length 9.84 9.84
    Die height 19.68 21.65
    Slide Adjustment 4.33 4.72
    Slide face dimentions (LRxFB) 68.89x25.59 78.74x27.55
    Bolster Dimensions (LRxFBxT) 84.64x33.46x7.08 94.48x37.40x7.87
    Main motor (AC Servo) continuous rating 40 kW (53.61 HP) 50 kW (67 HP)
    Machine mass 72,752 99,208

    * Side opening is height above bolstertop surface.
    ** "C" Gap Frame "SF" Straight-Side Frame
    These specifications, machinery, equipment, and appearance are subject to change without notice for reason of improvement.