AFA080 Roll Feeder

The new, state-of-the-art NC Roll Feeder is built to achieve the ultimate quality for your pressed products, featuring improved quality, reduced maintenance and easier cleaning/replacement.

    • 1. Roll cleaning

      A transparent roll cover allows the operator to check the condition of the roll whenever the feeder is in operation. This feature also allows cleaning of the roll while the plates are being fed, improving efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

    • 2. Roll replacement

      The AFA080 roll feeder offers flexible roll replacement to suit a variety of materials. Amada Press System offers traditional polishing equipment, hard chrome plating, and urethane rolls.

    • 3. G type CCS control

      The AFA080 uses the proven G type CCS control, designed to integrate with a host of other devices including the reel stand, straightener and cutting to provide precision control.

  • ModelAFA80G◆BS
    (◆=Line Feed Direction A=Left to Right / B=Right to Left)
    Stock ThicknessInch 0.055
    Stock WidthInch 1~3
    Stock Thickness×Stock WidthInch 0.002~0.055×3
    RepeatabilityInch Within ±0.008
    (No guarantee for hard chrome plated rolls and urethane coated rolls)
    Feed LengthInch MAX. 392
    (Indicates the capacity of the feeder)
    Pass LineInch 1.96 to 6.68 above the Bolster
    Motor PowerkW AC 0.4
    Feed Roll Pressurize Spring
    Roll Lift Mechanism Air Cylinder
    Entry Stock Side Guide Manual Fixed Width Guide (knob bolt type)
    Exit Side Guide Plate Guide (up to the width of the unit frame)
    Power Supply AC 200 / 220V ±10% • 50 / 60 Hz
    Standard Equipments End of Stock detector, Air Releasing,Entry R guide urethane
    Optional Equipments Remote Control Box, Feed Master Control,Mechanical Release, Roll Specifications