Digital AC servo presses for high-precision forming

The new "i3 control" offers the ability to achieve high-precision forming and improved productivity.

Amada Press System’s digital electric double crank servo press now has a 600-ton version. With a full-fledged straight-side frame from the original design and multiple servo motor drives, it supports ultra-precise high-precision processing.

For more information about the SWE-i3 Series, please view the brochure linked below.

    • 1. High-productivity with the latest drive mechanism

      Equipped with our own servo motor, these new models have improved capacities for pressure, torque, and energy, and expanded manufacturing range. 4000 kN: Twin servo motor 6000 kN: Triple servo motor

    • 2. Optimum frame structures meet the required accuracy.

      A highly rigid straight-side integrated frame and an 8-sided gib guide system are used to maintain stable accuracy during production.

    • 3. Improved operability of the screen

      Three types of basic operation mode screens are provided for ease of use. Verifying the necessary information in each operation mode can be done quickly and easily.

    • 4. Diverse motion patterns

      By selecting the most optimal motion path according to the product, it is possible to improve formability and accuracy, thereby reducing cost.

    • 5. ECO-friendly servo press machines

      AMADA’s servo press machines are environmentally conscious: Power conservation: Sharp reduction of power consumption* Resource conservation: Reduction of lubricating oil consumption* Working environment: Significant reduction of stamping noise* *Compared to mechanical stamping press machine of the same class

  • Machine name Frame Type Capacity

    Tonnage rating point above BDC

    Side Opening
    Stroke length
    Continuous no-load Stroke Rate
    Slide face dimensions (LR x FB)
    SWE-4025i3 SF 450 0.315 37.402 x 25.591 9.843 ~ 45 94.488 x 45.276
    SWE-6040i3 SF (Goriki) 674 0.256 39.370 x 31.299 15.748 ~ 40 96.457 x 49.212