SDE / SDEW Goriki Direct-Drive Servo Press

Our original Direct Drive Servo!

Winner of the 48th Machining Industry Award for Japanese Brands, the SDE GORIKI stamping press features a rigid center gib and full guide structure to prevent frame-stretch during precision custom metal stamping operations. The SDE GORIKI line of servo presses include Amada Press System’s proprietary servo technology and offers nine motion settings for a full range of custom metal stamping scenarios. The result is a stamping press machine that offers unparalleled precision, moulding performance and cost-effectiveness.

For more information about the SDE Goriki Series, please view the brochure linked below.

    • 1. High-rigidity frame structure for strengthening longitudinal rigidity

      Amada adopted a new solid column frame structure for our SDE-i3 GORIKI servo press machines, with a chevron-shaped structure on the upper part of the front frame, and reduced cutout in the bed front plate. This chevron shape strengthens the longitudinal rigidity and reduces expansion of the frame during stamping. The reduction of frame movement during material breakthrough compared with the conventional models promotes high-precision, high-quality manufacturing.

    • 2. High-rigidity guide structure for strengthening transverse rigidity

      Making the slide gib into a center-gib full-guide structure enhances the lateral rigidity compared with conventional models. The improved eccentric load resistance characteristics sustain stable stamping accuracy.

    • 3. Enlarged slide area

      In addition to the high-rigidity frame structure, the enlargement of the slide area allows for the ability to install multi-step dies. This allows for a wide range of stamping needs, including high-value added forming of plate, forging and high-tensile strength steel plates.

    • 4. Diverse motion patterns

      The operator can load diverse motion patterns into the controls, creating a database of various processing patterns to select the optimum motion for each stamping type.

    • 5. Simple Selectable Motion Programming (SSMP)

      The new simple selectable motion programming, along with motion sample programming and motion editing, makes the i3 control significantly more simple and easy to program, even for less experienced users.

    • 6. Improved operability of the screen

      Three types of basic operation mode screens are provided for ease of use. Verifying the necessary information in each operation mode can be done quickly and easily.

  • Model SDE-1515 SDE-2017 SDE-3020 SDEW-8010i3 SDEW-1613i3
    Capacity(ton) 165 220 330 88 176
    Tonnage rating point above BDC .169 .208 .196 0.16 0.2
    Side opening* 22.83x11.02 25.59x12.00 30.31x13.77 13.39 x 11.42 22.83 x 12.99
    Continuous no-load stroke rate ~95 ~75 ~60 ~130 ~100
    Stroke length 5.90 6.88 7.87 3.94 5.12
    Die height 14.96 16.33 18.11 12.6 15.75
    Slide Adjustment 3.93 4.33 4.33 2.36 3.94
    Slide face dimentions (LRxFB) 37.40x22.83 1050x650
    53.14x29.52 47.24x24.02 62.99x24.02
    Bolster Dimensions (LRxFBxT) 50.78x29.52x6.29 55.90x33.46x7.08 68.50x35.43x7.87 55.51x27.95x5.12 72.44x30.31x5.51
    Main motor (AC Servo) continuous rating 35kW / 46.9 hp 40kW / 53.61 hp 50kW / 67.02 hp 28.2 hp 46.9 hp
    • Side opening is height above bolster top surface.