Large-Scale Coil
Feeder Line

Amada Press System’s line of world standard large-scale feeders are designed to support today’s high-tensile steel with stock widths up to 1,900 mm (74″) and stock thicknesses up to 6.0 mm (0.236″). The Large-Scale series of coil feeder includes hands free coil setting, shearing capabilities, and rewinding of unwound stock. In addition to blanking presses, this technology produces cut-to-length lines.

    • 1. Straightener

      This product supports a wide range of high‐tensile steel plates, which are experiencing increasing demand. Straightening is performed automatically (by setting data), and a wide variety of motor capacities are available to accurately meet customer needs for coil flatness. An opening mechanism (up to 300 mm opening) is provided as a standard feature to improve productivity for maintenance.

    • 2. Feeder/controller

      For this product, we drew on our extensive track record and experience to provide optimal feed control. A measure roll (provided as a standard feature) also enables high feed accuracy. (PLC manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric; motor manufactured by Yaskawa Electric.)

    • 3. Automatic insertion (loading, peeling, threading)

      An automatic coil threading function is included as a standard feature for the processes from loading to threading to meet customer needs for rationalization and reduction of preparation time.

    • 4. Other standard items

      A hydraulic crop shear is provided as a standard feature, and a double skid car enables incomplete coils to be unloaded, allowing preparation for the next coil to be rationalized. A movable end feeder is also provided as a standard feature to enable coils to be used right up to the ends.

  • ModelHTL17HTL19
    Stock Width(inch) 11~66 11~74
    Stock Thickness(inch) 0.024~0.126 0.024~0.126
    Coil Mass(lb) Max. 33,069 33,069
    Coil O. D.(inch) 27~70 27~70
    Coil I. D.(inch) 20 20
    Feed Length(inch) Max. 78 78
    Line Speed(ft/min) Max. 147 Max. 147
    Number of Work Rolls upper 5 / lower 6 upper 5 / lower 6
    Straightener Motor PowerkW YASKAWA 55 YASKAWA 55
    Mandrel Expansion Hydraulic Hydraulic
    PowerV 200/220 50/60 Hz
    400/440 50/60 Hz
    200/220 50/60 Hz
    400/440 50/60 Hz
    Operating Air(PSI) 71 71


  • Tensile strength40kgf/mm250kgf/mm260kgf/mm270kgf/mm280kgf/mm2
    Yield point stress245N/mm2306N/mm2367Nmm2428N/mm2490N/mm2
    Stock Thickness0.6 1,900 1,900 (1,900) (1,900) (1,900)
    1.0 1,900 1,900 1,900
    23 1,860 1,450
    2.8 1,493 1,167
    3.2 1,667 1,284 1,005

    Note: The tensile strength is the reference value calculated based upon the yield point stress.
       Check straightening performance in accordance with the yield point stress.
    Note: Flatness may be unobtainable with the value in parenthesis.