SDE Series Direct Drive Servo Press

Service after the sale!

Amada Press System designed the SDE series of servo stamping presses based on the theory that less is more. These custom metal stamping machines consume less power, produce less noise and require less maintenance than competitors’ stamping presses. These efficiency standards earned the SDE series the MF Eco Machine certification from the Japan Forming Machinery Association. The SDE Series integrates Amada Press System’s APINES software suite, which features detailed monitoring of maintenance procedures, production statistics and other real-time metrics.

Amada Press System believes value doesn’t end with the sale. We offer a wide range of services to help customers get the most from equipment over the long-haul. Factory-trained technicians are available to provide annual inspections to minimize downtime. Amada Press System also offers a variety of parts in-house and ready to ship same-day.

For more information about the SDE Series, please view the brochure linked below.

    • 1. Twelve kinds of motions

      By selecting the most optimal motion path according to the product, it is possible to improve formability, accuracy, and reduce cost.

    • 2. Simple Selectable Motion Programming (SSMP)

      The new standard process sample programming, along with motion sample programming and motion editing, makes the i3 control significantly more simple and easy to program, even for less experienced users.

    • 3. Improved operability of the screen

      Three types of basic operation mode screens are provided for ease of use. Verifying the necessary information in each operation mode can be done quickly and easily.

    • 4. Built-in color graph load/torque monitor as standard equipment

      Each i3 control is equipped with the enhanced load/torque monitoring system, which is more advanced than your normal tonnage monitor.

    • 5. Automatic slide adjustment as standard equipment

      The automatic slide adjustment functions allows the operator to adjust the die height according to a previously programmed job memory setting. This reduces setup time and eliminates the chance of inputting the wrong setting.

  • Machine name Frame
    C type
    Straight-Side frame
    SF type
    Stroke length
    No. of strokes
    Die height
    SDE-8018 i3 C SF 88 7.08 ~ 80 13.77
    SDE-1120 i3 C SF 121 7.87 ~ 70 15.35
    SDE-1522 i3 C SF 165 8.85 ~ 60 16.92
    SDE-2025 i3 C SF 220 9.84 ~ 55 18.11
    SDE-3030 i3 - SF 330 11.81 ~ 40 21.65