Press-to-Press Transfer System

RZY Press-to-Press Transfer Robot

Six-axis mobility for flexible transfers.

    • 1. Six-axis mobility allows 3D-agility for flexible transfers

      The six-axis RZ Robot Series moves work pieces with complex configurations and navigates obstacles̶ in processing environments that are incompatible with RY Robots. Greater freedom of movement combined with our exclusive control technology meets customer needs for high-precision and flexible work piece transfers.

    • 2. Operation Panel

      The RZY Robot system features an operation panel specifically designed for use in workplaces requiring processing changeover. Actual movements can be programmed to memory and repeated with this handheld teaching board.

  • ModelRZY020RZY050RZY165
    Type  Vertically Articulated
    Degree of Freedom  6 6 6
    Max. Workpiece Weight ※3Lb 44 110 364
    Repeatability ※4Inch ±0.002 ±0.003 ±0.009
    WeightLb 567 1,213 2,425