Robot Line System

RY-W Series Robot Line System

Condensing the RY Robot’s superior multi-stage transfer performance into a single press with the versatility to suit any situation.

    • 1. Highly reliable mechanical drive

      The RY-W series integrates the drive unit with the same mechanical cam drive used in the RY Robot, ensuring exceptional precision and reliability.

    • 2. Has superior versatility and can handle virtually any situation.

    • 3. Adaptable for use with various peripheral components.

      The RY-W series is compatible with any of the peripheral components available for the RY Robot system - no adjustments required – including: Destacker Up Loader Turn Over Up/Down Table Turn Table Un-Loader Hand

  • ModelRY-100W2RY-120W2
    Feed LengthInch 7~31 7~39
    Vertical StrokeInch 1~2 1~2・1~2・2~3
    is always selected
    Cycle Time ※1sec 2.0~3.0 2.4~4.0
    Max. Workpiece Weight ※2Lb 2×11 4×11
    RepeatabilityInch ±0.008 ±0.019
    Workpiece pick up- Vacuum ・ Magnet
    WeightLb 992 1213

    ※1 The total weight of workpiece and finger.
    ※2 Rarely affected by Workpiece form.