Robot Line System

RAN-W Series Robot Line System

The two-axis servo motor delivers exceptionally smooth and fast movements.

    • 1. Two-axis servo motor

      The RAN-W series is based on the best-selling RAW Robot, but features an integrated AC servo motor resulting in faster movements and easier teaching capabilities. The RAN series robots are positioned at the side of the press, leaving the front open for maintenance and die changes.

    • 2. Exceptionally Teachable

      The operator can move the robot arm, visually confirming the position and easily teaching the robot the desired points with the touch of a button. The unit’s memory can store up to 49 sets of applications.

    • 3. High-speed Movement

      This series uses a motion curve that minimizes impact when accelerating or decelerating, facilitating high-speed yet smooth operations.

    • 4. Excellent Cost Performance

      While inheriting the fundamental capabilities of the RTN30-50 series, the NC Transfer Robot has been vastly streamlined through painstaking revisions and modifications.

  • ModelRAN030W1RAN040W1RAN050W1
    Feed LengthInch 5~11 5~15 5~19
    Vertical StrokeInch ~2 ~50 (~2) ~2
    Cycle Time ※1sec 1.5~ 1.7~ 1.7~
    Max. Workpiece Weight ※2lb 2×11 2×11 4×11
    RepeatabilityInch ±0.2 ±0.2 ±0.3
    Servo Motor PowerkW 1.0 (Feed) 1.0 (Up/Down) 3.5 (Feed) 2.0 (Up/Down)
    Workpiece pick up  Vacuum ・ Magnet
    Weightlb 551 551 1102

    ※1 Rarely affected by Workpiece form.
    ※2 The total weight of Workpiece and finger.