Press-to-Press Transfer Robot

RYN Press-to-Press Transfer Robot

Robotic system designed to transfer large-sized workpieces not possible with RY robots.

Available in two variations: RYN200S – Supporting feed length up to 2,500 mm (98ft) and work weight up to 8 kg (17lb) RYN300S – Supporting feed length up to 3,000 mm (117ft) and work weight up to 16 kg (35lb)

    • 1. Use various functions to assemble efficient lines.

      The RYN Robot system utilizes an AC servo motor for smooth and highly accurate feeding and was designed to integrate with numerous peripheral components. The system uses various functions to improve operational efficiency, including, the ability to turn over work pieces between processes, and an unloader to remove work pieces. This flexibility allows for lines to be assembled in the manner best suited for individual customer needs.

  • ModelRYN200S2RYN200L2RYN300S2RYN300L2
    Feed Length
    (Always selected)
    in 70~98 2,501~3,000 ~ 118 3,001~3,500
    Vertical Stroke
    (Always selected)
    in 2~3
    Cycle Time ※1sec 3.7~ 4.4~
    Max.Workpiece Weight ※2lb 17×2 35×2
    Repeatabilityin ±0.3
    Workpiece pick up- Vacuum / Magnet
    Weightlb 3,527 6,173

    ※1 Rarely affected by Workpiece form.

    ※2 The total weight of Workpiece and finger.