Transfer Robot

RTN Transfer Robot

A new concept in multi-stage auto-transfer, Amada Press System’s exclusive control system pushes the edge on operability.

    • 1. Miniaturization

      The RTN Series achieves significant miniaturization, which supports workpiece improvements such as work environment enhancements and peripheral device layout.

    • 2. Five-axis Flexible Mobility

      The five-axis AC servo motor enables highly flexible transfer, up/down clamp settings and combinations.

    • 3. High-speed Movement

      This series uses a motion curve that minimizes impact when accelerating or decelerating, facilitating high-speed yet smooth operations.

    • 4. Excellent Cost Performance

      While inheriting the fundamental capabilities of the RTN30-50 series, the NC Transfer Robot has been vastly streamlined through painstaking revisions and modifications.

  • ModelRTN025RTN045
    Feed LengthInch 0~11 0~17
    Horizontal StrokeInch 0~5 0~5
    Vertical StrokeInch (0~4 0~4
    Cycle Time ※1spm 1.5~ 1.5~
    Max. Workpiece Weight ※2Lb ~135 ~43.
    Workpiece pick up- Clamp
    Applicable PresskN Gap-press 3,000~5,000(Gantry-Press)

    ※1 Affected by amount movements of feeder, clamp, lift and by maximum workpiece weight.
    ※2 The total weight of Workpiece and finger.