Large-Scale Straightener Feeder System

Large-Scale Straightener Feeder System

Amada Press System’s line of world standard large-scale feeders are designed to support today’s high-tensile steel with stock widths up to 1,900 mm (74″) and stock thicknesses up to 6.0 mm (0.236″). The Large-Scale series of coil feeder includes hands free coil setting, shearing capabilities, and rewinding of unwound stock. In addition to blanking presses, this technology produces cut-to-length lines.

Model: Large-Scale Coil Feeder Line

Our Client: This company focuses on creating a variety of high-quality components for multiple sectors. Their product range includes precisely crafted parts for automobiles, refrigeration systems for trucks, and sophisticated electronic and electro-mechanical devices.

The Issue: The company faces the challenge of establishing a new plant that must maintain the same high-quality production standards while operating in a more confined space, necessitating the implementation of a space-saving system.

Our Solution:

To address the challenge, the company implemented the AMADA Large-Scale Straightener Feeder System. This advanced, space-saving technology enabled the new factory to maintain the same high-quality standards of production despite the reduced space. By integrating this system, the company ensured that their manufacturing processes remained efficient and reliable.