Increasing Line Speed

Case Study
RHQ/RYN 2-Axis Press Transfer Robot System

RHQ/RYN 2-Axis Press Transfer Robot System

Case Study: Integrated producer in need of increased line speed

Model: RHQ/RYN 2-Axis Press Transfer Robot System 

Our Client: With a reputation for meeting customers' needs on time and on budget throughout years of on-site experience, our client performs integrated production, from metal pressing to welding and assembly.

The Issue: For their production line, our client had installed four progressive lines and four robot lines to meet their customers' varying needs. Because the client is not located in an industrial complex, however, they have certain restrictions on space and work times that created limitations for their existing line.

Our Solution: The RHQ/RYN 2-Axis Press Transfer Robot System was developed for speed. The RHQ enables lap operation between the press and the robot, taking the RHN's existing impressive speed reputation a step further. The pair offers a newly developed teaching function that enables a feed position to be set just close enough to avoid interference from parts such as molds when configuring the operation settings of the robot, reducing time loss during press-to-press transfer as close to zero as possible.