Coil Straightener-Feeder

LCC 03KL Coil Straightener-Feeder

Amada Press System’s LCC 03KL coil straightener-feeder offers high-performance metal stamping operations in a compact design.

    • 1. New Standard Technology

      The KL coil straightener-feeder is the next generation of industry standard feeding technology.

    • 2. Compact Design

      Amada Press System believes in designing the best quality equipment with the smallest physical footprint. With an overall length of 2690 mm the KL coil line system is the most compact model of coil line system in its class.

    • 3. Flexibility for Ease of Operation

      The LCC 03KL offers unparalleled flexibility for setup on the factory floor. The machine is designed to allow customers to arrange and optimize it to best fit their individual workspaces, yielding increased job flow with minimal errors. The results are a machine that provides excellent results and is easy to operate and maintain.

    • 4. Large Straightening Roll Adjustment

      A large straightening adjustment wheel allows for easy control for the operator.

  • ModelLCC03KL
    Stock Width(in) 1~11
    Stock Thickness(in) 0.012~0.126
    MAX.Coil Mass(lb) 3307
    MAX.Coil O.D.(in) 47
    Coil I.D.(in) 20
    Feed Length(in) ※ ~11
    MAX.Line Speed(ft/min) 39
    Work Roll Number upper3/lower2
    Main Motor(kW) AC1.2
    Mandrel Expansion Manual/Pneumatic
    Reel Motor(kW) 0.4
    Power(V) 200/220
    Operating Air(MPa) 0.49

    ※In case Feeding Length exceeding Specification, MASTER CONTROL Function (Option) must be provided.

  • ModelLCC03KL
    Stock Thicknessmm 0.3~1.6 1.8 2.0 2.3 2.5 2.8 3.2
    Stock Widthmm 300 280 220 190 170 150 110

    ※The above figures are for the material having yield strength of 245N/mm2 max(tensile strength of 392N/mm2).