LCC SA Series Coil Straightener-Feeder

Forming the future for straightener/feeders

The straightening roll adjustment wheel has disappeared! Amada Press System has redefined press automation with the LCC SA coil straightening-feeding machine, featuring new technologies including the first ever Active Straightening Correction (ASC) mechanism.

    • 1. Active Straightening Correction (ASC)

      Given the differences in the coil at the beginning of a roll compared to the end of the roll, it is necessary for an operator to constantly monitor straightening operations and manually carry out corrections to ensure proper tolerances. The ASC mechanism fitted on the LCC SA Series coil straightener-feeder detects changes in the outside diameter of coils during the production process, and makes corrections automatically and continuously. This allows operators to monitor other lines or perform other operations reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

    • 2. Eleven Work Rolls

      The LCC SA Series coil straightening-feeder machine provides superior flatness through eleven 48 mm (1.8”) diameter work rolls (six upper, five lower) in conjunction with the ASC function.

    • 3. Lift and Roll Easy Open Function

      Work roll and feed roll are automatically fed into the port opening. In previous models of coil straightening-feeder machines, only one side of the feeder opened, limiting the size of the port and making maintenance of the inner components difficult. The new Lift and Easy Open feature of the LCC SA Series increased the port opening to 140mm, allowing for easier cleaning of rolls.

    • 4. TP-CCS Controller Equipped with the newest touch-panel TP-CCS Control system

      The KR straighter-feeder comes equipped with the TP-CSS Controller, which includes a variety of settings and operations to maximize planning, production, maintenance and other operations.

  • ModelLCC03SALCC04SA
    Stock WidthInch 1~11 1~15
    Stock ThicknessInch 0.012~0.126
    MAX.Coil MassLb 4,410
    MAX.Coil O.D.Inch 47
    Coil I.D.Inch 20
    Feed LengthInch *1~11
    MAX.Line SpeedFt/min ~52
    Release-follow Speed MAX.(spm) 180
    Work Roll Number upper6/lower5
    Main Motor(kw) AC2.0
    Mandrel Expansion Pneumatic/(Manual)
    Reel Motor(kw) 0.75
    Power(V) 200/220
    Operating AirMpa(PSI) 0.49(71)

    *1:In case Feeding Length exceeding Specification, MASTER CONTROL Function (Option) must be provided.



  • Stock ThicknessLCC03SALCC04SA
    0.012 11 15
    0.047 13
    0.055 10
    0.063 10 9
    0.071 9 8
    0.079 8 7
    0.090 7 6
    0.110 5 5
    0.126 4 4

    *The above figures are for the material having yield strength of 35500PSI max(tensile strength of 56800PSI).