Promoting Automation to Reduce Costs

Case Study
Case Study: Promoting Automation to Reduce Costs 

Model: LCC 03KL Coil Straightener-Feeder and LCC PM2 Coil Straightener-Feeders

Issue: Our client, renowned in die design and production, needed to cut back on the amount of time it took to switch its stock while progressive stamping on sheet metal using a ceiling crane. The ceiling crane required up to 30% additional time to switch the stock, costing our client valuable man-hours.

Our Solution: Using the LCC 03KL Coil Straightener-Feeder and the LCC PM2 Coil Straightener-Feeders with a coil cart to enable offline set up of stock, our client was able to cut back on its time, also greatly reducing its costs. The LCD interface on the operation panels has helped to increase productivity as well.